soft drinks

fruit spritzer

all natural ingredients  – rasp/lemon  or mango/orange                     2.5

apple cider

pure & organic, steamed or iced                      sml  2.5     lg  3.5

hibiscus tea

all natural, house made with local honey, steamed or iced     3.5


house made with fresh lemons & lavender                            3.5

iced black tea

house made with lemon & organic cane sugar                         3.5

limonata (san pellegrino)

sparkling lemon pop                                                                2.5

aranciata (san pellegrino)

sparkling orange pop                                                               2.5

chinotto (san pellegrino)

slightly bittersweet herbal & citrus pop                                 2.5

rootbeer (virgil’s)

minty licorice flavour, micro brew quality                                 3.5

ginger beer (real brew)

balanced spiciness                                                                     3.5

cream soda (boyers)

full silky cream flavour                                                               3.5

china cola

caffeine free, herbal cola                                                          3.5

coke or coke zero 2.5

happy planet

all natural smoothies – xtreme green or purple & vit.C   3.5


orange, cranberry                                             sml  1.5    lg  2.5

sparkling water

san pellegrino, glass bottle                         250 ml  2    750ml 6

flat water

500 ml plastic bottle, canadian                                                  1

500 ml glass bottle, evian, french                                              3


1% or whole                                                      sml 1.5      lg 2.5

organic vanilla soy                                             sml 2.5      lg 3.5

coffee & tea

sm 8oz  med 12oz  lg 16oz                                                     12oz


rich & balanced custom blend from Oso Negro                      2


equal parts espresso, steamed milk & foam                             3.5

café latte

espresso & lots of frothy steamed milk                                     3,5


espresso with steaming water, add to taste                           1.5


latte with steamed premium chocolate milk & wcream           4,5


espresso with premium brewed coffee                                      3.5

brewed coffee

a rich flavoured roast from Oso Negro                                      2.5


traditionally spiced & sweetened with organic cane sugar     4


mint, chamomile, honey bush, licorice, mango,

rooibus, green, earl grey, decaf earl grey, orange pekoe       2

+ .50 extra espresso shot

+ .50 increase to next size up

+ .50 substitute vanilla soy for milk

+ .25 per shot of flavoured syrups

(caramel, almond, hazelnut, white chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon)


all items available “to-go” ~ charge for all “to-go” containers

debit & credit accepted



(prices subject to change without notice)