hibiscus tea

house-made w honey & spices


lavender lemonade

house-made w fresh lemon & lavender



house-made w fresh rasp+mint, & organic cane sugar


iced black tea

house-made w lemon & organic cane sugar


hi mica

house-made hibiscus tea  +  1.5 oz vodka


lavish lemon-aide

 house-made lavender-infused lemonade  + 1.5 oz  gin



house-made raspberry+mint-aid + 1.5 oz  tequila


lazy afternoon

tequila w san pelligrino lemon or grapefruit



premium tomato+clam nectar + 1.5 oz vodka + spices


red sangria

red wine & brandies infused w fruit, citrus, + spices


white sangria

white wine & brandies infused w lychee, fruit, +mint


–    CIDER    – 

‘crabbie’s’ ginger ale ~ fresh & lively, authentic ginger, sweet red fruits (4.8%)

pear cider, left field  ~ fresh, dry artisnal pear cider (Okanagan, BC)

pippins,  sea cider ~ crisp, off-dry yellow newton cider (Van Island, BC)

bramble berry,  sea cider ~ rich slight-sweet blackberry+apple cider (BC)


–    WINE    

cabernet sauvignon / merlot ~  hester creek, bc


chianti  ~  frescobaldi  castiglioni’   (tuscany, Italy)


malbec  cuvee ~ vistabla, ‘corte c’, Mendoza Arg


pinot noir  ~  whitehaven 2012, marlborough n.z.


shiraz ~ mitolo,  ‘jester’  maclaren vale,  australia


tannat  ~  las moras, reserve,  argentina


zinfandel ~ ravenswood, ’12 lodi old vine, california  




chardonnay ~ louis latour  2011,  ardeche  france


chardonnay~ la crema , sonoma coast, california


pinot gris ~ hester creek


riesling (dry) ~ gehringer bros private reserve


sauvignon blanc ~ babich,  new zeland


viognier ~ yalumba Y series 2012, australia


…sparkling & rose…

rose~ dirty laundry ‘hush rose’ , okanagan, b.c.


rose~ cotes de prov., d’esclan ‘whispering angel’


prosecco~ bottega ‘treviso ll’, italy


cava~ duran gran reserv brut, penedes catalonia spain 


champagne rose~ charles de cazanove, reims, france


champagne ~ duval leroy, brut premeir cru,  vertus, fr


–    BEER    –

stella artoisrefreshing light Belgian lager; grassy husk + hop notes

‘harvest moon’ hemp ale ~ nelson brewing co ~ light hemp earthiness 

saison~ four winds  beaut. balance… complex, fresh wild yeast character 

i.p.a.~ driftwood ‘fat tug’ ~  best BC hop head, full+fresh profile

i.p.a.~ four winds, ~ shrewed citrus edge, integrated hops, food friendly 

modelo ‘especial’ ~  crisp, bit of tang, med body blonde ale,  (mexico) 

negra modelo ~  medium amber ale, delicate sweetness, (mexico) 

oatmeal stout~ st ambroise ~ very dark + complex, slight bitter, not heavy 

apricot wheat ale, st ambroise ~  perfect balance apricot, fresh wheat ale 

longboat chocolate porter~ phillips~ great piquant drk choc 

kokanee ~  pilsner lager, creston, bc 

innis and gunn, ‘original’~ rich, sweet amber, scotch oak-aged pale ale 

‘ruby tears’ red ale~ parallel 49 rich caramel malt, bursting hop edge

non-alcohol beer~ grolsch~ malted, hoppy, & fresh; lager style



–    SALADS    –


 creation myth 

baby greens, barbarries, toast almonds, white onion, white balsamic reduction 


with ripe heritage tomato, bocconcini, fresh basil & premium olive oil

 kootenay garden 

baby farm greens, goat feta, sunflower seeds, baby tomato, peppers, chickpeas & cucumber




  organic chickpea falafel, cucumber, tomatoes, kalamata olives, goat feta, red onion & organic tahini sauce, w  dill+cuke creme fraiche

*   try the falafel ‘burger’   :   w kalamata mint tapenade & charred feta on an organic rye bun   *
 ( option::   ‘naked’ =   gluten-free version )
add::   side soup    /    mixed greens    /    pomme frites 
panini  belissimo

  crisped prosciutto, chevre, fresh basil, black olive pesto, on grilled org baguette  

 ( veggie option =  substitute artisanal org sunflower+hemp seed pate for prosciutto )
add::    side soup    /     mixed greens     /     pomme frites
croque monsieur

  lavish French classic, with black forest ham, gruyere & bechamel… on brioche,

   with fresh arugula and whit balsamic reduction

croque madame

 + f/r egg on top

   croque mademoiselle

sub. grilled zucchini for ham

croque west coast

sub. smoked salmoni for ham

add::    side soup    /    mixed greens    /    pomme frites
kootenay cowboy ‘burger’
(ft. certified grass-fed angus beef)

 sliced striploin  +  caramelized onion, gruyere, butter lettuce,  horseradish mayo


100% ground chuck + house-made ketchup, Grace’s zucchini relish, cheddar, butter lettuce, tomato, red onion

add::    side soup     /    mixed greens    /    pomme frites
tandoori chicken burger

w creamy cumin raita, arugula, cilantro lime sauce,

   tomato, & red onion

add::    side soup    /    mixed greens    /    pomme frites
wild salmon tango

tempura-ed 4 oz. fillet with huckleberry corn relish, arugula,

mexi aioli … in a sun-dried tomato wrap

*   try the salmon ‘burger’   :   w brie & an organic rye bun   *
(option::   ‘naked’  =   gluten free version)
add::    side soup    /    mixed greens    /    pomme frites
epic panini 
our rich & savoury grilled sandwich 

fresh & roasted veggies (tomatoes, red+yellow

peppers, eggplant, spinach), fontina, balsamic spread … on org herbed focaccia.

black forest ham +4
free range herb chicken +5
smoked wild salmon +5

add::    side soup    /    mixed greens    /    pomme frites

  delicate phyllo triangle w spinach, mushroom, feta filling & dill+cuke crème fraiche

incl ::    side soup    /    mixed greens    /    pomme frites


grilled cheese

edam on grilled foccacia


edam + peppers on sun dried tomato tortilla

 black forest ham+3
  f/r chicken+3
smoked sockeye salmon+3

add::  side soup    /    mixed greens    /    pomme frite




Polenta Fries

 creamy, crispy deep-fried parmesan polenta sticks ft organic cornmeal, w mexi aioli 



Croquette Coquette

deep-fried portobello mushroom béchamel ball w almond+paprika+panko shell & sherry cream sauce



Piquillo Power

  3 sweet piquillo peppers stuffed w chevre + almond + chive,

  with basil pistou & balsamic reduction



Veg Tempura

  assorted veg ft indian spice quinoa batter, w lime dip sauce  (vegan, g/f)



Marco Polo Carpaccio

  seared+raw striploin, w garnish of Nicoise olive+onion tapenade, toasted+spiced

  Arborio rice, white balsamic reduction & pecorino



Zoro Prawns

  5 spanish flavoured tiger prawns w miso-caramel drizzle



Togarashi Seared Salmon

  seared in Pernod, tarragon & house togarashi (sesame+hemp seeds, nori,

  orange peel, sansho pepper) … with wilted arugula & endive



Tuna Riviero

  lightly seared premium Ahi tuna tataki ft white balsamic reduction,

  herbed chevre, & arugula



Pomme Fritte

  shoe-string fries w chive aoli





 –Black Salt  Gliterati-  

2    3  oz  spirit per drink


Golden ThornBerry

vibrant, edgy botanicals + honeyed elderflower of Cocchi vermouth

( Aviation gin, Cocchi Americano, Lillet, Sea Buckthorn berry infused Pisco )


Angel HeartBeet

velvet symmetry of earthy, herbal & luscious dark sweetness

( Ungava gin, Aquavit, Averna Amaro, beet, coconut cream )



enticing, savoury purple floral

( violet, maraschino, lemon, Aviation gin )


Cherry Goose

clear, radiant black cherry + lurking red & gold fruits

( St Germainen, lemon,  Grey Goose Cherry Noir vodka, grenadine )


Cinderella’s  Slip

charming pink floral lattice

( gin, aquavit, vermouth, campari, st germaine )


Frog’s Gimlet

pure+lustrous botanical heaven

( No.1 London gin, St Germaine, lime )


Go ManGo

luxuriant, refreshing fruit bomb

( tequila, Cointreau, Limoncello, mango puree )


Keefer 75

exotic, fruit+floral French 75

dragon fruit gin, lavender, lemon, prosecco )


Mondo Martinez

gnarly, baroque renaissance of the dark+floral classic

( Ransom Old Tom gin, Cocchi vermouth, Maraschino, yellow Chartreuse )

Scandinavian Sea Mist

lithe & resilient sea grass ~ a weedy, bright, frothy libation

( cucumber infused gin,  Bison grass vodka,  Linie aquavit,  gooseberry,  lemon,  egg white )


–    CLASSICS    –


shirley temple









old fashion

side car