–Black Salt  Gliterati-  

2    3  oz  spirit per drink


Golden ThornBerry

vibrant, edgy botanicals + honeyed elderflower of Cocchi vermouth

( Aviation gin, Cocchi Americano, Lillet, Sea Buckthorn berry infused Pisco )


Angel HeartBeet

velvet symetry of earthy, herbal & luscious dark sweetness

( Ungava gin, Aquavit, Averna Amaro, beet, coconut cream )



enticing, savory purple floral

( violet, maraschino, lemon, Aviation gin )


Cherry Goose

clear, radiant black cherry + lurking red & gold fruits

( St Germainen, lemon,  Grey Goose Cherry Noir vodka, grenadine )


Cinderella’s  Slip

charming pink floral lattice

( gin, aquavit, vermouth, campari, st germaine )


Frog’s Gimlet

pure+lustrous botanical heaven

( No.1 London gin, St Germaine, lime )


Go ManGo

luxuriant, refreshing fruit bomb

( tequila, Cointreau, Limoncello, mango puree )


Keefer 75

exotic, fruit+foral French 75

dragon fruit gin, lavender, lemon, prosecco )


Mondo Martinez

gnarly, baroque renaissance of the dark+floral classic

( Ransom Old Tom gin, Cocchi vermouth, Maraschino, yellow Chartreuse )


Scandinavian Sea Mist

lithe & resillient sea grass ~ a weedy, bright, frothy libation

( cucumber infused gin,  Bison grass vodka,  Linie aquavit,  gooseberry,  lemon,  egg white )


-Tasted  &  True-



  our house-made raspberry+mint infusion  + 1½ oz Hornitos blanco tequila

lavish lemonade

  our house-made lavender flower infused lemonade  +  1½ oz  gin


  our house-made hibiscus flower + honey + spice infusion, with 1½ oz vodka

jolly green giant

  our house-made kale + apple + herb infusion + 1½ oz Buffalo Grass vodka

sangria wine & brandies infused with ::

red : huckleberries mango, raspberries, citrus, spices

white : raspberries, lychee, pear, melon, mint




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